One-click pagination,
print-ready pages.

Instant pages on the browser

Page Central allows authors and proof validators to view manuscripts as typeset previews instantly, right in their browser.

Built for varied requirements

Page Central supports maximum automation with customisable templates for a range of book and journal styles, significantly reducing pagination costs.

Seamless integration with publishing workflows

Page Central seamlessly integrates into existing publishing workflows, producing high-quality pages for print and the web.

Renders high quality pages on the browser

Page Central uses the power of the browser to render and produce high-quality pages ready for print and the web. Pages can also be enriched with interactive elements including audio, video, 3D models, and animations.

Supports the production of a large volume of pages

Page Central enables you to scale up the volume of content with negligible capital investment. It has created 20 million pages over the years, and produces 3 million pages annually.

Multiple input
and output formats

Supports a range of input formats including JATS and custom DTD, and offers multiple output format choices with print- and web-ready PDFs or XML files.

Templates and
advanced typesetting features

Customisable templates and advanced typesetting features like appropriate word spacing, line and page breaks, page numbering, and image placement for significantly accelerated page production.

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