Compliant and complete manuscripts for faster publishing

Assessment of manuscripts' content integrity

Integrity Central runs completeness and compliance checks on submitted manuscripts, significantly reducing time-to-publication.

Accurate metadata based on journal guidelines

The ML-based structuring engine extracts metadata from manuscripts and runs checks against the metadata provided in the submission system, as well as journal guidelines.

Reduced queries and edits

By addressing missing elements straightaway, our customers have seen a 70% reduction in queries raised to authors, and a 60% drop in edits made while proofing.

Automated extraction of accurate metadata

Integrity Central draws on TNQTech’s AI-powered auto-structuring engine to extract metadata within seconds. It compares them with the metadata provided at the time of submission, checks if they are compliant with journal guidelines, and highlights where the gaps are.

Integration into submission systems and publisher platforms

Whether you use Editorial Manager, EJPress, ScholarOne or any other publishing system, Integrity Central can integrate into your system and interface of choice via API.

Augmented author experience and satisfaction

Optimal attention to manuscripts right upfront results in improved author satisfaction. Queries raised to authors are down by about 70%, and they spend less time making edits and changes in the proofing stage.

Manuscript insights for a more productive workflow

Integrity Central parses submissions to check for available or missing metadata and generates a report highlighting inconsistencies in floats, references, and supplementary material, all within minutes.

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