Automated and interactive copy editing
for scholarly content

Interactive, collaborative copy editing

Edit Central enables web-based copy editing backed by a rich rule engine allowing editors to work freestyle, collaborate better, and edit faster.

Built for scientific manuscripts

Edit Central can be customised to specific journal and book guidelines. It leverages a rich rule-engine built from 25 years of editing scientific content.

Maximum efficiency with high quality

Edit Central substantially reduces mechanical editing, guiding editors to problem areas that need reviewing, with interactive suggestions.

Automated editing with guideline-based suggestions

Automation is carefully programmed from a rich rule engine. It slashes time spent on mechanical and language editing, improves quality, and offers greater control over the editing process.

Intuitive interface designed for scientific editors

Edit Central allows editors to review changes, ensure style and content consistency, review images, make freestyle or structural edits, and compile queries to authors, all in one place.

Dynamic validation with sophisticated spelling and consistency checks

Consistency and spell checks across manuscripts are made easy with Edit Central’s auto copy editing (ACE) and interactive copy editing (ICE) tools.

Data-informed, continuous improvement

Edit Central provides content insights for publishers. It presents meaningful and granular data of every human-technology interaction, enabling continuous improvement of process efficiency and functional quality.

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