Accurately typeset pages optimised
for readability, accessibility, and impact.

We produce beautifully typeset pages that improve the readability of research papers.

Using conventional pagination platforms such as 3B2, InDesign, and LaTeX, along with modern tools like Page Central and LuaLaTeX, we deliver stunning pages for books and journals in a range of simple and complex layouts. We are making huge strides in the automation of page production with a focus on improving readability and accessibility, so scholarly publishers can disseminate research faster and more efficiently.

What sets us apart

Platform competency

Our skilled team of 500 paginators has a deep and broad knowledge of 3B2, inDesign, LaTeX, and LuaLaTeX.

Centralised pagination

Our centralised, API-based pagination platform offers high automation and is hosted on the cloud to ensure business continuity across multiple suppliers. Publishers get a perfectly paginated output.

Cutting-edge technology

With our patent-protected product Page Central, paginated HTML layouts are produced within the browser in minutes.

Focus on accessibility

To ensure that books and journals are accessible to everyone, we focus on text enlargement, color and font change, adaptive text for different screen sizes (for HTML pages), and providing captions and alt-text for images and links.

Coming soon to pagination

Pagination Central

Pagination Central will embody our vision for an end-to-end pagination solution that offers scholarly publishers advanced automation, faster turnaround times, and cost efficiency. It will deliver consistent, high-quality outputs across diverse content types, including complex mathematics, design-intensive layouts, extensive tables, lists, and footnotes.

AI-enabled typesetting

We are working to harness ML models that will manage repetitive layout adjustments to enhance the process of typesetting. It will incorporate predictive analysis and forecast areas where human intervention is necessary for optimal quality.

Customisation capabilities

Using Page Central’s HTML capabilities, we will provide authors with a user-friendly interface to make (limited) personalised edits to the layout of their articles. This will give authors more control and minimise the need for human intervention downstream.

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Other services


Illustration, design,
and animation

Complex ideas presented in visually stunning ways through illustrations, graphs, charts, infographics, graphical abstracts, compelling book covers and animation.


Polished graphics for professional papers. Redrawing, recolouring, and rekeying to present striking images for print and digital consumption.

Image screening

Hybrid approach to image screening where software run automated checks for known patterns of deliberate manipulation or genuine errors, and image experts screen for those that fool the systems.

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