Effortless proofing,
meaningful insights.

Faster proofing, reduced costs

Streamlined workflow on a single URL that makes author proofing 40% faster, significantly reducing costs and time to publication.

Intuitive interface designed for authors

Easy-to-use browser-based editor built for seamless multi-author collaboration, with an on-the-fly paginated view.

Data-driven insights for publishers

Meaningful insights to help you make impactful decisions to improve author experience.

Seamless collaborative proofing on a single URL

Designed to enable effortless, simultaneous collaboration between authors, editors, and publishers, on the browser. Trusted by over 4 million authors.

Contextual query resolution

Authors and editors can view, act on, and resolve queries while referring to their place and context within the text.

One-click pagination

On-the-fly paginated view of the proof rendered on the browser with the Page Central plug-in. Toggle back and forth between the editor and the real-time paginated view.

Uncompromised XML integrity

A structured workflow that maintains XML integrity throughout the proofing process – crucial for process efficiency.

Maintain content integrity

Effortless proofing for authors while keeping the XML integrity intact.

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Other products

One-click pagination,
print-ready pages.

Automated pagination on the browser so authors can see instantly paginated outputs, and publishers can generate print and web-ready pages in seconds.

Compliant manuscripts,
accurate metadata.

Automated completeness checks on submissions, so missing and incomplete elements can be identified and fixed right upfront.

Manuscripts assessment
for language quality,

Language quality scoring to help publishers assign the right levels of copy editing to manuscripts. Built on linguistically-informed rule-based deep learning models.

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