Transformative visual narratives
to bring research to life.

For over 2 decades, we have been designing, illustrating, and animating for thousands of authors, producing stunning visuals for some of the world’s largest academic books and journals.

Translating complex ideas into impactful visuals

Our team of trained illustrators specialises in scientific, technical, and medical illustrations, working with large publishers, learned societies, and authors to present complex ideas in a visually impactful manner
Turning author visions into striking illustrations
Over the years, we’ve drawn it all. From napkin doodles to handwritten notes from authors, we work with a range of ideas.

Distinctive designs to capture research

Our breadth of design capabilities includes infographics, 2D and 3D graphs and charts, book covers and pages, white papers and promotional collateral

Engaging book covers

Designing books has been part of our work since we began over two decades ago. Whether print or digital, we’re all judging books by their covers; our designers work to make yours pleasing and easy-to-read, inside and out.

Visualising elaborate data with infographics

We roll up our sleeves and get right into the research that we’re working to present as an infographic. We ask questions, study, sketch, and produce thorough results.

Developing concise and captivating graphical abstracts

Our team of designers and illustrators works closely with authors to understand key takeaways from their research, to create compelling visual summaries.

Crafting compelling videos for intricate concepts

A great way to deliver complex concepts. Our team of trained animators and video artists work with our writers, designers, and illustrators to create compelling yet succinct narratives.

What sets us apart

Personalised services

Dedicated managers and designers work on your account to make sure it’s all running smoothly.

On-time delivery

We understand the time-sensitive nature of research dissemination and stick to timelines.

Workflow integration

Adapting to your publishing workflow, we are fans of seamless collaboration with you and your authors.

Author satisfaction

We work till authors are happy with the results. Bringing their vision to life drives us.

Skills and expertise

Our STM-focused artists and designers are armed with degrees in fine arts and design, with training in science communication.

Breadth and experience

For 25 years we’ve worked across STM domains and can safely say, we can draw it all!

What our clients are saying

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The portfolio showcased on this page is only for the purpose of demonstrating our work and capabilities and is not intended to infringe on the rights of the concerned parties. TNQ does not own these graphics, illustrations, designs, and animations presented on this page.

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Other services


Copy editing

Consistent, meticulous, and quality-focused editing that elevates scholarly content. Backed by rule engines, robust automation, and interactive interfaces.


Polished graphics for professional papers. Redrawing, recolouring, and rekeying to present striking images for print and digital consumption.

Image screening

Hybrid approach to image screening where software run automated checks for known patterns of deliberate manipulation or genuine errors, and image experts screen for those that fool the systems.

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