Graphics processing
for high quality research publishing

Armed with robust technology, we work with scholarly publishers to produce high quality graphics that make research ready for print and web consumption.

Our graphics processing workflow

Our technology tools extract and validate image files from manuscripts, which our graphics team then checks and assigns for processing. Images are inspected for quality and compliance with journal and publisher standards. We then redraw, recolour, resize, make tonal adjustments, and convert them into the format required, feeding them back into the content processing workflow. It all happens seamlessly. We process close to 1,000,000 images every year.
Resizing images
Our bank covers 90% of all prominent style guides (AMA, APA, CMS etc.) and their publisher-specific variations.
Tonal adjustments
We understand the importance of tonal consistency, and correct images for brightness, contrast, and sharpness.
Re-keying text
Where required, text in images and illustrations is re-keyed or re-coloured in line with journal instructions.
Re-drawing and re-branding
Our artists redraw poor quality images. The resulting new graphics are sharp, clear, and compliant with publisher branding.
Quality control for vector and raster images
Line art, photographs, illustrations, infographics, and even advertisements are all delivered as high-quality outputs.
We prioritise accessibility and compliance with publisher style guides.
Dual validation process
Our two-step approach means all incoming images are validated by ML-trained software, and also by our image experts.

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