Karger Publishers: In Conversation with Daniel Ebneter, CEO

Swapnil Midha

Head of Communications

In early 2024, Daniel Ebneter, CEO of Karger Publishers visited our headquarters in Chennai. He sat down for a coffee and a conversation with our CEO, Abhigyan Arun. This video presents a section of the interview, where they discuss the scholarly publishing industry, Karger’s vision, and TNQTech’s technology and services. We learned a lot about Daniel and his hobbies outside of work.

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About Karger Publishers:

Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, Karger Publishers connects and advances Health Sciences by putting their customers, partners, and employees at the center of everything they do. They want to better understand their mission, purpose, and needs in order to create products and services that are not only relevant, but also inspiring.

Karger Publishers has been working with TNQTech since 2020, across our services and technology products.