High-calibre copy editing.
Enhanced readability and content quality.

We value copy editing deeply.

We understand what’s at stake. Through deep and broad experience over the last 25 years, we have perfected the art and science of the copy editing process. Our customers, some of the world’s most prestigious scholarly publishers, have trusted us with their content for decades, because we work in partnership with them to build workflows and products that are defining benchmarks in copy editing in the industry.

Our process

Our copy editors – both onshore and offshore – are empowered with tools and products that make their work more meaningful and valuable. Using our efficient, error-aware Auto Copy Editing (ACE) and Interactive Copy Editing (ICE) tools, their time is spent on adding true value to manuscripts. The system takes care of mechanical copy editing. A thorough QC is part of the entire production workflow, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

What sets us apart

Style guide coverage

Our rules engine covers over 90% of all prominent style guides (AMA, APA, CMS, etc.) and their publisher-specific variations.


Technology backbone

Our copy editing engines use rule banks in tandem with machine learning modules to automatically apply copy editing rules and identify where human intervention is needed.

Rigorous training

Every copy editor goes through a rigorous two-month training period and an additional three months of quality control before they begin working on manuscripts.

Language scores and automation

Language Central, our ML-model trained on pre and post submissions content, assigns language scores to manuscripts, so they can be assigned to the correct editors.


Potent rule bank

Over 6000 curated rules extracted from style sheets and style guides are managed in a structured database that is used for automating copy editing.

User-managed updates

A sophisticated UI allows our copy editors to create new rules relevant to their work, without having to wait for product updates.

Focus on user experience

Our unrivalled browser-based copy editing product, Edit Central, prioritises user-centric design, and is used by both our internal copy editors, and publishers’ editorial offices.


Continuous improvement

A robust data pipeline with granular visualisation allows our product teams to continuously improve the efficacy of the technology as well as the human intervention.

Coming soon to copy editing

AI-driven copyediting

The future is AI-driven, and we are now changing our rule-based engine to an ML model, combined with an NLP layer and STM-specific dictionaries to optimise outcomes.

Error awareness

An imminent change is a move to error awareness, where the copy editor is guided to only managing exceptions and problems that are not yet handled by the copy editing engine. This will lead to significantly better quality and improved turnaround times. This ML model has been trained on years of data gathered from documenting how our copy editors behave.

Smart connectors

We are working on a GenAI approach to connect journal-style stylesheets and content, to identify the frequency and spread of style points and make recommendations to publishers to align their stylesheets for most efficient automation.

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Other services


Illustration, design,
and animation

Complex ideas presented in visually stunning ways through illustrations, graphs, charts, infographics, graphical abstracts, compelling book covers and animation.


Finely typeset pages designed for uniformity, readability, and accessibility. Delivered by a team with deep knowledge of LaTex, LuaLaTex, 3B2, InDesign, and Page Central.

Project management

End-to-end book and journal project management, liaising between your editorial office, operations teams, authors, freelancers, and copy editors, to deliver on time, every time.

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