TNQTech partners with Imagetwin to screen images for ASM

Swapnil Midha

Head of Communications

6th May, 2024. Chennai, India.

TNQTech has been using technology with human expertise to check image manipulations on behalf of scholarly societies and associations. In a potent partnership, TNQTech and Imagetwin have joined forces to screen images for duplication. The first implementation of this combined solution is for the American Society for Microbiology (ASM). Using a combination of Imagetwin’s plagiarism and manipulation detection technology, and TNQTech’s image experts, 10,000 images (per year) will be screened across ASM’s publications. 

Scientific integrity is a key component of ASM’s publishing workflow, yet the escalating risks posed by paper mills and AI-assisted image generation demand innovative solutions. Like most other societies, ASM faces the challenge of maintaining high standards while scaling up. With this partnership, ASM has built a formidable arsenal in the fight against fraudulent practices in scientific publishing.

“ASM is now able to efficiently screen thousands of images, detect false positives, and flag suspect images for closer analysis much earlier in our publication workflow. With the forensic image experts at TNQTech helping us, we are now able to assist our editorial and ethics teams in creating a foundation of credibility, a place where authors know that we will do our best in working with them to produce the highest quality images possible,” says David Haber, Publishing Operations Director at ASM.

The Process

Imagetwin offers duplication and plagiarism detection checks in many figure types including western blots, microscopy images, and light photography, by checking against its database of 50 million images. Its AI-based algorithm also scans content to detect duplication in images within a manuscript. TNQTech’s team of image forensics experts will perform detailed scans on all images flagged by Imagetwin, providing a second, diligent layer of scrutiny.


Ensuring content and research integrity for our customers has become an increasingly important area of focus for us. All our operations are geared towards ensuring the quality of research publications. Merging our screening services with this powerful AI-technology will set new benchmarks in ensuring the sanctity of research publishing,” says Ravi Pardesi, Strategic Business Director at TNQTech.


TNQTech’s image experts screen images for known patterns
of manipulation, and additional checks to detect the tricker ones.
All images flagged by Imagetwin undergo a detailed manual check.

“This partnership is creating a unique offering for our customers. By combining the power of our AI technology with the expertise of TNQTech and its extensive experience, we can now offer a holistic integrity check to the publishing world. The synergy of AI power and human expertise will fulfill a demand we have been asked for since the launch of our software. So we are delighted that we can do this next step together with an established partner like TNQTech.”

Patrick Starke,
CEO, Imagetwin

About the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Journals:

As a division of the American Society for Microbiology, ASM Journals advances microbial sciences by sharing the results of fundamental and applied research. ASM publishes high-quality research drawn from eminent institutions around the world that has been rigorously peer-reviewed by experts. Articles published by ASM Journals have received international media attention and have been featured in dozens of media outlets, including the New York Times, Science Magazine, Los Angeles Times, CNN, National Public Radio, and CNBC.

About Imagetwin:

Leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, Imagetwin addresses a critical need within the scientific community by providing tools for identifying potential discrepancies or manipulations in visual data. Imagetwin contributes to upholding the integrity and credibility of scientific research, thereby ensuring the reliability and trustworthiness of scholarly publications.

About TNQTech:

TNQTech’s content services delivered on AI-enabled technology and products are used by some of the largest commercial publishers, prestigious learned societies, associations, and university presses, and through them, by millions of authors.