Software Engineer (PHP)

2 – 4 years of experience

About the role

TNQTech is looking for a software engineer who is a PHP specialist to join our growing team of people working to redefine content and technology in the scholarly publishing landscape. As a software engineer, you will develop code and monitor the performance of various applications.


  • Develop code according to project requirements
  • Raise queries and seek their resolution from various stakeholders
  • Seek feedback from peers and senior engineers
  • Ensure that the quality, responsiveness, and performance of applications are at their best

The ideal candidate

  • A graduate with any degree, with 2-4 years of experience in PHP
  • A programmer with a strong understanding of OOPs concepts
  • Someone who has 1) hands-on experience in MVC frameworks like CakePHP/CodeIgniter/Zend/Yii, etc. (experience in at least one framework is required), 2) experience in any one of the SCM tools, 3) experience in any databases, and 4) a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Bonus: a candidate with experience in automated unit testing, and an understanding of various data structures and algorithms