Celebrating World Book Day at TNQTech

Swapnil Midha

Head of Communications

Happy #WorldBookDay from the books team at TNQTech!

What’s it like being part of this team? “We work on about half a million pages every year and get to read some fascinating work at our jobs,” says Deva, who heads our books operation.


Steered by in-house editorial coordinators and project managers, a day in the life of this team involves manuscript screening and tagging, copy editing, graphics, cover designing, illustrations, sorting out permissions, indexing, conversion to print and web formats, online loading, and typesetting among other detailed tasks.

We work on around 1000 books every year across science, technology, medicine, humanities, social sciences, and dictionaries. It takes plenty of work and dedication behind the scenes, and anywhere between 3 to 8 months to produce a book!


The most rewarding part of our job? Witnessing the joy and success authors experience once their book gets published.


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