TNQTech’s Coimbatore Branch Turns 7!

AVP, Operations

An anniversary is always a great time to think about the years gone by. When we opened TNQTech’s Coimbatore branch back in 2016, we were 29 trainees and 1 trainer working on 5,000 pages. It feels like we’ve blinked and here we are, 7 years later, with 1,000 of us working on 2 million pages a year.

While we have been working in a hybrid fashion since the pandemic, we all came together last month for a day of celebration, recognition, reflection, and entertainment. 

Our management team travelled from our headquarters in Chennai to celebrate the teams’ stories and share in their success. “Everyone in the Coimbatore office has achieved so much in the last seven years. Big congratulations to our team leaders who started their careers as trainees at TNQTech and have grown to now manage large teams of their own,” said Anitha, TNQTech’s head of HR.

TNQTech’s CEO, Abhi, said “Over the years our Coimbatore branch has taken on more and more, now working on 40% of our annual volume of pages. It is tremendous growth and we couldn’t be prouder of the team.”

This event was also a platform to roll out our new Rewards & Recognition Programme that aims to shine a spotlight on star performers and innovators. Apart from long and exemplary performance, we’ve also got some incredible ideas being brought to the table – from small efficiencies to larger competencies, they are all celebrated.

Year 8 is already looking exciting and fulfilling, and we are looking forward to expansions, new work, and everything else it will bring.

A fitting end to an enjoyable day – song, dance, and cake!

TNQTech Coimbatore works out of the KGiSL office in Saravanampatti. Have a look at our careers section for open roles.