Unveiling TNQTech: Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation and Technology

Abhigyan Arun

With a rich legacy spanning 25 years, TNQTech, formerly TNQ Technologies, unveils its new brand identity, symbolising a commitment to innovation, technological evolution, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. In the dynamic landscape of scholarly publishing, where the pursuit of knowledge converges with cutting-edge technology, TNQTech will continue to shape the future by creating value for publishers and the research community.

Our Journey of Transformation

TNQ’s transformation journey is a testament to our resilience, forward-thinking approach and a deep-rooted commitment to the research community and the publishing ecosystem. As we transition from TNQ Technologies, a name synonymous with credibility and excellence, to TNQTech, we embark on a journey to push the boundaries of innovation and technology.


At the heart of TNQTech’s evolution is a bold vision: To be a catalyst of transformation in Scholarly Publishing, leading innovation by leveraging Artificial Intelligence, and fostering a culture of continuous learning, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to excellence. This vision propels us into uncharted territories, where we aspire not only to keep pace with change, but to drive it.

Our mission echoes a commitment to driving technology innovation with artificial intelligence as a catalyst. We embrace shaping the future of scholarly publishing using a product mindset and design principles. TNQTech’s goal is to anticipate industry changes through market insights, and evolve in tandem, fostering a culture that values continuous learning and excellence.

Evolution and Agility

Evolution at TNQTech is not a gradual process but a dynamic, agile shift. A cultural shift to remove the fear of failure and inculcate the practice of hypothesis-based experimentation will significantly increase the speed of change through agile decision-making, and break free of comfort zones that hinder competence. The future state of TNQTech envisions an organisation that embraces change as a constant, redefining relationships both internally and with our valued customers. This evolution is guided by four key shifts in the way we do things.

Harnessing the Power of AI

The integration of artificial intelligence is a cornerstone of TNQTech's transformation. From the current state of excellent domain-specific capabilities and an early-mover advantage in machine learning, we are evolving to a state with a dedicated AI practice. TNQTech's vision involves linking AI objectives with product management, consolidating multiple tech domains, and fostering an AI-first mindset across the organisation. Human involvement is indispensable in achieving superior results from the use of AI technologies. Seamless integration of human intuition and automated processes is core to our AI strategy.

Revolutioning Product Mindset and Design Principles

TNQTech is not just rebranding; it is revolutionising its product mindset and design principles. Having led industry innovation with products like Proof Central, Page Central, and Integrity Central, we are evolving into a state with stronger product management and design teams, and a focus on Service as a Product. TNQTech is recruiting talent strategically, establishing a clear product management philosophy, and redefining its relationships with customers through enhanced product marketing.

Service as a Product

Introducing "Service as a Product" (SaaP), a groundbreaking approach in the industry that offers a user-centric digital experience. SaaP transforms conventional service delivery by standardising definitions, and enhancing visibility of information, transparency of activities and consistency of outcomes. It marries technology-driven proactive error identification with human intuition and expertise, embodying a pioneering paradigm in human-assisted production for unparalleled excellence in scholarly publishing. A robust data-driven governance layer ensures continuous improvement, monitoring technology performance and pinpointing areas for human input.

Market Insights as a Guiding Light

TNQTech's success is guided by a continuous stream of market insights, lighting the path forward. We are transitioning to a future state characterised by continuous, credible, structured, and relevant market intelligence. The most significant change is constituting a forum of industry experts and visionaries who do not hesitate in coursing through unchartered territories. In addition, through actively seeking customer perspectives and  competitive insights, and anticipating the technology direction, TNQTech is aligning its strategies with the pulse of the industry.

TNQTech’s Brand Promise

TNQTech’s brand promise to the market is anchored in technology innovation, anticipation of industry shifts, and AI-driven solutions. As we position ourselves as leaders in scholarly publishing, our commitment is unwavering—to provide unparalleled value to our customers, nurture a culture of continuous learning for our employees, and deliver sustained growth for our business.

In the ever-evolving landscape of scholarly publishing, TNQTech will be a beacon of innovation, a catalyst for change, and a partner for those who seek excellence in the pursuit of research. With a new brand identity, TNQTech is not just redefining its image but reimagining the future of scholarly publishing—one marked by innovation, agility, and a relentless commitment to excellence.

Join us on this transformative journey as we shape tomorrow’s scholarly publishing, today.